Smart Park Services

The services offered by the park are coordinated through the Ergon Smart Park and Ergon Training platforms. 

Smart Park will manage the management and maintenance of the park, its emissions, waste and clean energy generation, as well as its energy efficiency, connectivity and care for the natural environment.


Data center

5G network ready

It will facilitate the deployment of applications and their interaction with devices equipped with this system.

Technical room designed by Atos.

With direct cloud connectivity

Technical room

It will take on cyber security protection tasks.

Atos One Cloud

It allows the client to choose how to manage their data, on-premise or through the Atos data centres connected to it.


Monitoring and sensors

It will have a monitoring and sensor system that will provide for all necessary maintenance work.

Permanent catch

Guaranteed assistance in the form of a "permanent standby", in order to be able to deal with force majeure circumstances in the event of adverse weather events and to guarantee its operability.


European Green Deal

The park will be equipped with environmental impact reduction and energy saving systems.


It encourages the recovery of native species, preserving and promoting biodiversity.


The recovery of rainwater for sanitary use and irrigation of green areas is foreseen.

Services in park

Power stations

Electric vehicle charging stations.

Heavy vehicle parking

Car park with surveillance of heavy vehicles.

Inter-urban mobility

Sustainable collective transport of workers from the municipalities adjacent to the park.

Sports centre

Conciliation of work and sport.


Eco-friendly for workers and companies.

Business support

In technology and digital.